Furnando de Cayo Hueso was born in Vermont and shipped to Key West at a young age. Adopted by Faith in lieu of the real rooster she cannot legally adopt, Furnando leads a fun life in Key West, traveling the Overseas Highway often to explore all that the Florida Key have to offer. Catch up with him on Instagram, @thefurnando. Show him some love by tagging #thefurnando in your Key West Rooster and other rooster related Instagram posts.

Key West Rooster Series

Each of these one-of-a-kind paintings on canvas is created only in Key West by artist Faith Kaminsky Cohen. Inspired by the colors of the Keys, Faith hatched this particular rooster-brained scheme in 2019. Dyslexic chickens have stalked her ever since marriage caused her initials to closely resemble those of a certain monocled and white-bearded Colonel. She lives in Key West and Parkland with her husband Jim, who still regrets the day he prevented her from buying a Chinese Rooster statute at Pearl River Mart in New York City when they were dating in 2005. Their son Harrison rolls his eyes often.

Purchase your original 4"x4"x1" canvas painting at the Sunset Festival in Mallory Square, where live roosters often pose for their portraits. For further information or commissioned roosters please contact faith@fkcyou.com.



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